Sunday, 24 January 2010

Do You Ever Wish to be Someone Else?

Chapter 4: “Voluntarily Abducted”

There I was, standing in the middle of the empty city. Why there weren’t any people in Paris at this lovely summer day, you can find out in the previous chapters; at this point I want to focus on the story at hand.

I stood up in front of this gigantic space dish (presumably a ship), using the Eiffel Tower as a resting station. At this time, while I was admiring the view, a big door opened and a little green fella’ came out of the ship. Instantly, the door closed behind him. Moving rapidly, he came to me with a couple of strange objects in his hands.

“Yo! What’s up, Z!?” the little alien cried out loudly with a huge smile of his face. After the fact that all mankind was gone, this situation was the strangest in my life.

“How on Earth do you know my name? And why did you decide to ruin the beautiful tower?” I was kinda angry, but also interested. It still didn’t feel real at all. ‘Why am I the only one here and why, or actually HOW do aliens actually EXIST?’ was what I asked myself, staring at the green – for the lack of a better understanding at the moment – thingy in front of me.

“I can explain all of this,” it was as if he read my mind, “and yes, I just read your mind…”

“Can things get any weirder?” I murmured quietly.

“I know your name because you are the Chosen One,” he continued, “for centuries our civilization waited for the prophecy to come true and finally - here you are. It is such an honor to stand in your presence. We have to go now, follow me.”

After a short pause, asking myself thousand of questions, which I would kindly share with my new friend in the next few hundred chapters of this book, I finally followed his gesture to walk towards the elevator coming down from his ship. We were both quiet, but my curiosity prevailed:

“What are those?” I shook my head downwards, pointing at his hands, which, by the way, had six fingers… that let me thinking of yet another mysterious problem: this guy was similar to the fictional Martians – small and green, but instead of three long fingers, this one had six normal ones… and his eyes weren’t so big, and he had an ugly nose, and looked more humanly than I thought and alien would look like… God, I’m totally confused!

Little Pesho smiled next to me on our way up (yeah, I decided to mentally call him Pesho, at least until I figured out his real name, if he actually had one), probably because he heard the nonplus dominating my head. He raised one of the objects a bit higher, pressed a few buttons and the magic happened: the Seine River widened its channel nearly twice its size, all the buildings disappeared and the surroundings became a beautiful natural scene, full of green trees and wild animals; the view from the middle was just amazing – so beautiful and alive. In a few seconds, all this began to change and slowly disappear. On the old the place of the Notre Dame, a small settlement of a group of ancient-looking people began to build up a living place. As we were going up, we stopped and focused our attention on the process of the formation of Paris itself. However, that wasn't all of it...

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