Sunday, 24 January 2010

Do You Ever Wish to be Someone Else?

Chapter 5: Makes you think, doesn't it?

So, there we were - on the ramp leading up to the ship, having the amazing view of the region in our sight. I was amazed: in only a few minutes, the whole history of the city flashed in front of me, including battles and events, unknown to mankind. This slideshow continued until we reached the present day, occupied of tall buildings and harmful gasses… and even beyond: I guess it was only a few years later or maybe a decade, but the scenery was devastating – a huge blast swept away the whole valley, leaving no sign of human existence, no sign of any existence at all! I just stood there with my jaw open from amusement, but also grief. Yet for another few seconds, the view rewinded itself and we were back on our way to the ship. I turned slightly around and looked Pesho with the same inadequate expression. He probably did all this only to show me how people on Earth destroyed themselves and how our days of coexistence were over; to show me the future ahead… maybe this is one of the reasons for this whole alien invasion, if that’s what it was. Still, this only raised another bunch of questions in my head that waited for their turn to be answered.

“It’s a universal remote control,” he said, knowing that this was my smallest concern at the moment, “I can literally control the universe by just pressing a few buttons… I know it’s hard for you now, but everything will come to its place when the time is right, you have my word.”

Even though I wasn’t too sure what I was supposed to believe in, I continued walking up with the green guy. Man, I got even more puzzled than before, wondering what’s gonna happen once we got into the ship… this entire day has been like a whole new world to me, and I’m sure it won’t be over any time soon. Pesho looked at me again and tossed me one of the other items that he was carrying.

“Open the door, please,” he said with a little smile, forming at the cornet of his mouth. He obviously wanted to make me feel better; I don’t really know how this would help, but I spent a moment exploring the thingy, full with strange inscriptions and buttons on it. Something that caught my attention was a text of smaller size near the bottom of this other remote control. Oddly enough, it said ‘Made in China’. I wasn’t in the mood, but I started laughing, anyway. Did aliens actually have a sense of humor? Having a second look on the object with celestial origin, I found the right button; and guess what - it had a space ship door illustrated on it. I pushed it and the door in front of us opened without making the slightest sound or vibration. Damn, this was really some hi-tech science-fiction alien engineering. I started walking forward, stunned by the detailed hallway, leading to the inside of the ship. “Welcome to your new home, or at least that’s what it will be for the next couple of weeks,” Pesho said with shades of pride and delight in his voice.

This was officially the moment, when the exploration of a new world began.

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