Friday, 30 October 2009

I want to be...

May 1992, Royal High School of Edinburgh – graduation day; as the seniors climbed up the podium to receive their diplomas, they could no longer hold back all the emotions that have so far been kept idle. Some laughed, some cried, but they all smiled and hugged; they were both happy and sad, overcome by the memories of the years that have passed, memories of a careless and joyful life. The last to step on the stage was Ron McZack – the most honored of all students both in social and academic life; a great friend to all who knew him and respected young man to those who met him. He was chosen to represent the class of ’92 and deliver a speech… and so he did. Everyone laughed and cheered as he reminded the audience of the fun they all had together and what a great and unforgettable experience studying at Royal High School has been. Before the finale of the ceremony, President Leeroy Jenkins addressed McZack as he was still behind the microphone:
– “So, tell me Ron, how do you see yourself in the future? What do you want to do with your life from now on? What do you… or wait, let me rephrase that. Who do you want to be?”
A short pause followed; the students kept quiet, wondering what they would have said if they were asked; the faculty and administration had their eyes focused on the boy; the crowd of relatives and friends impatiently awaited the response; and Ron… he simply smiled. He looked at everyone with the same confident expression and without taking the smile off, he replied:
– “What I am and what I become does not have to define who I am and will be. I want to be everything, I want to simply do and experience with no limits. As of Who I want to be, the answer is simple – I want to be myself, and ‘myself’ is to improve and be better, to live a life of no regret, to look back at all the achievements and the fun I had, knowing that they are only the foreplay of what is yet to come.”
Everyone stood up on their feet and started applauding and cheering for Ron as if they were on a football stadium. His best buddies entered the stage and carried him out up in the air; the excitement and mirth completely took over and all the seniors rushed away to get changed and head out to the party… they didn’t even wait for President Jenkins’ enclosing statement.
From that memorable day on, Ron McZack has been living up to his words focused on the only goal he set for himself and it was the same for every single day – to surpass what and who he was yesterday. The next five years he spent in London, studying carpentry and design of all forms. During that time he got fascinated by a game well known and spread throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland – snooker. Before and shortly after he graduated, his projects were mainly connected with the game; he designed billiard and snooker tables, and later on founded a company for materials and equipment, as well as a club in an old building in the center of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, keeping the name – the Crucible Theatre. McZack became a trustworthy and well known figure in the field, and today the Crucible hosts the World Snooker Championship. It was a dream that he pursued and now he could move on.
It was the summer of 1999 that instigated him to a new passion – architecture. He set out on a journey around Europe with Paris, France as a final destination. The structure and design of both the cultural monuments and the modern buildings caught his eye – what he saw was art, and it intrigued him. The newly developing business center - La Défense, was an open playground to all with vision and, of course, resources. Ron had no intention of building or owning any of the mega structures we see there today, though he wanted to leave his mark. He founded an architectural drawing and design company, alongside a beautiful young artist from Paris – Marie Vincent, also known as the future Mrs. McZack.
They got married in Greece and both agreed to settle for a while there. Ron was really found of the idea and decided to open a hotel in the beautiful beach resort of Katerini in the province of Pirelli. As of the hotel – it was a masterpiece, had everything that anyone could need – amazing design, combining the cultural elements with the modern era; a pool and kids’ corner; fascinating restaurant and bar, along with custom-made billiard and snooker tables. Indeed, a wonderful place that changed the course of their lives… Ron and Marie had their first children there – twins, a boy and a girl; and a few years later moved back to England. That lasted until the spring of 2008 when they found themselves living in the villa zone of Paris. That Christmas they had a great party with a lot of acquaintances from all over the world, mostly England and Greece, along with local friends, and as they were leaving the next day, Lisa and Jacky, 7 years old now, went to their father and asked:
– “Daddy, daddy, they are all going home. When are we going home?”
Ron went back with them in front of the fireplace and sat quietly for quite some time. He thought of all the places they had been as a family, all the things they had been through and everything they had done, seen, and experienced. Yes, this was his dream but he wondered if this was the best way for the kids to spend their youth.
– “Jacky, Lisa, I’ve given you a piece of my life. But this does not have to be the way for you to live. I’ve given you a chance to have the world as your home, to learn and see new things every day, to dream with no limit. Soon, you’ll have to decide what to do for yourselves and which path to follow, but know that there are countless opportunities all around you, regardless of where you come from or where you decide to live.” – he said with a tone of a grown man, realizing that it might have been a little too much for the two kids who asked such a simple question…
Their story goes on, leading to new adventures, new chances, and new memories. Ron McZack dedicates all his efforts and love in every initiative he takes on. With a never ending will to learn, do, and experience, he continues to surpass himself and heads on for a new life every day… and that is the McZack legacy, passed on generation by generation.

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  1. Zdravko, I really like your short story. I think that using real names and location is a good idea because your story has become more realistic. It looks like you’ve made a research and I think that’s a good way to fabricate a real story. I think that your topic is common for all people and your story is possible and interesting. You have dialog between your characters, you have descriptions and I think that you’ve developed very well the personalities of your characters. Your story is predictable because we know that many people have experienced that and I love that there is no suspension. Your ideas are expressed very clear and they are concentrate around the main topic.
    There are some things that are not really strong in your story. Your vocabulary words are not really powerful, the reader can easily follow the plot but I think that he/she would enjoy seeing some play with words or some literary technique. I don’t like your title because titles should be strange and interesting because when the title is not engaging the reader is not going to read it at all.
    Overall I think that you did a great job. Keep going.